Life Surrender Application

The Surrender Application Form is required if you wish to request to surrender your Whole of Life or Endowment policy held with Foundation Life.  All policyowners must complete the Surrender Application form and provide the required AML/CFT identification (please see AML information sheet for details).  The surrender proceeds will only be paid to one bank account held in the name (individually or jointly) of at least one policyowner.  Confirmation of this bank account is also required i.e. pre-printed bank deposit slip, bank statement, bank letter or internet banking print out showing the bank logo, bank account name and bank account number.  Please note, this must be dated within the last 3 months.  If the surrender proceeds are to be paid to a bank account held outside of New Zealand, please also complete a Telegraphic Transfer Request FormThe original policy document is also required.  If you are unable to locate the original policy document, please complete a Lost Policy FormPlease note, all original completed forms and pen signed certified documents must be returned to Foundation Life by post to enable the claim to be processed. 

If you hold power of attorney for a policyowner and are completing the surrender documentation on their behalf, please contact us to discuss possible further requirements. 


If you are sending documents to us from within New Zealand, please use our freepost address;


Freepost Authority 521

Foundation Life

PO Box 590

Wellington 6140