Financial Strength and Solvency

A- (Excellent)

Foundation Life (NZ) Limited has an A- (Excellent) Financial Strength rating from A.M. Best, effective 06 July 2018.

The rating scale

A++, A+ (Superior)
A, A- (Excellent)
B++, B+ (Good)
B, B- (Fair)
C++, C+ (Marginal)
C, C- (Weak)
D (Poor)
E (Under Regulatory Supervision)
F (In Liquidation)
S (Suspended)
For the latest rating, access This rating should not be read as a recommendation.

Solvency Margin

The actual solvency margin of Foundation Life (NZ) Limited as at 30 September 2018 was $34.528 million.

  Statutory Fund
as at 30 September 2018
Non-Statutory Fund
as at 30 September 2018
Aggregate for FLNZ
as at 30 September 2018
Actual solvency capital
37,522 53 37,575
Minimum solvency capital
3,047 - 3,047
Solvency margin
34,475 53 34,528
Solvency ratio
1,231% 20,000% 1,233%