Unit Prices

Current Unit Prices

Below are the current unit prices for our funds. Unit prices are shown as at the date specified. The price shown may therefore not apply to a later transaction. Full details of unit pricing fees and other details relevant to your investment are set out in the relevant investment statement.

Closed Funds

Enroute Gold

Unit Price

Effective Date

VIP Balanced Portfolio 23.75325 12/12/2017
International Companies Portfolio 21.79149 12/12/2017
Fixed Income Portfolio 17.41738 12/12/2017

Investment Account

Unit Price

Effective Date

VIP Balanced Portfolio 2.34327 12/12/2017
International Companies Portfolio 1.99438 12/12/2017
Fixed Income Portfolio 1.72301 12/12/2017

Buy Price

Sell Price

Effective Date

VIP Plan 13.82499 13.48531 12/12/2017

Interim Rate

Declared Rate

Effective Date

Vital Account 5.000% 5.000% 01/01/2017


While all care has been taken in producing and updating this unit price information, investors should check the current unit price with Foundation Life before buying or selling units in any fund, or otherwise relying on unit price information. Please note that the Unit Prices are updated daily at 4.30pm.

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